Classical Homeopathy

Practitioner: Ameeta Patel, CCH(Cand)

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Classical Homeopathy is a system of holistic alternative medicine.

Homeopathy was developed in Germany by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann about 200 years ago. Hahnemann was a doctor who discontinued practicing the conventional medicine of his time because he observed that it was harming people. Hahnemann instead took up work translating medical texts, and remained interested in finding a new form of therapeutics that would be both safer and more effective than anything he had previously come across.

While translating a text from English into German, Hahnemann came across a statement regarding why Cinchona bark can be used to treat malaria, and realized that the author’s explanation was unsatisfactory. In order to understand Cinchona bark in more detail, Hahnemann ingested some himself, and became ill with symptoms of malaria. This led Hahnemann to the hypothesis that a diluted substance might cure similar conditions to the ones that it causes. After many experiments, Hahnemann came to the conclusion that a medicinal substance which can cause a certain set of symptoms in an otherwise healthy individual can reduce or eliminate similar symptoms when they arise from other causes, provided the sets of symptoms match and the remedy is given in a homeopathic dose.

Hahnemann went on to conduct extensive research into medicinal properties of substances, and documented the results. He used this information to treat individuals who had been suffering from various types of conditions— everything from first-aid to acute illness to chronic ailments. Homeopathic practitioners worldwide have used this information in their practices over the last 200 years, adding their own research to help develop it further.

In Classical Homeopathy, we use a single remedy at a time, using methods originally developed by Hahnemann, because we find these methods to produce excellent results. More info on this approach here.

Tens of millions of people worldwide use homeopathy. In the U.S., it is becoming more and more popular as people are hearing about it, trying it and finding it effective.